Taupaki Residents and Ratepayers Association

The aim of our association is to represent the local residents and ratepayers of Taupaki to the local boards and Auckland Council.

Taupaki Residents and Ratepayers Association


We deal with issues related to roading, the environment and policies that affect the local area. For example, we have discussed the gas pipeline running through the area, WaterCare buying land earmarked for a processing plant, and landfills in inappropriate areas.

Because of our liaison with the local board, we are forewarned about new policies, proposals, building regulations and matters that are not notifiable to the public at large. We can then look to prevent or reverse actions that are not in the community's best interest (once policies and procedures come into effect, it can be much more difficult to make changes).

How is the Association structured?

We have an active committee with a chairman, secretary, treasurer and committee members who meet four times a year in the Taupaki Hall (Taupaki Road opposite the Harry James Reserve in Taupaki) to discuss activities and needs that have an effect on the local community.


Membership of the Taupaki Residents and Ratepayers Association allows locals to vote on actions that help the community. Residents are encouraged to join discussions and raise points of interest or concern.

If you are interested in Taupaki and want to be represented on local issues, we provide an effective voice. You will:

  • Receive regular updates on community matters
  • Be heard on issues that concern you
  • Help make Kumeu - Huapai the place you want it to be
  • Be eligible to vote for the committee and on resolutions.

Who can be a member?

Any property, business owner or resident can be a member of the association.


The association has set annual levies for membership: Family $10

To become a member, please attend the next scheduled ratepayer meeting. Contact us below for more details.

Get In Touch

Contact us for more information about Taupaki Hall use, our scheduled meetings, or any other suggestions, concerns or questions you have.

Registered members will be updated via email.

Visit our Facebook page to get the latest updates on projects, meeting agendas and meeting dates.